We, the adults who establish this program for our children at play, commit ourselves to the fundamental proposition that we will meet the age appropriate needs of all those children we serve. We strive to redefine what it is to be a winner, away from only

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Track is open only to children in Grades Kindergarten thru 6th.

The Great Neck PAL track, field and conditioning program is designed to introduce young people to track and field not only as a sport but also as a good wholesome healthy lifetime activity. In addition to improving motor coordination, developing strength, improving flexibility, and physical stamina, the program will also develop social skills by interacting with peers, develop self confidence and body awareness, introduce competition, learning how to win and lose, but most importantly they will be having fun.

Dress in layers, sweat pants and sweat shirt if necessary, shorts and comfortable sneakers. At practices children are grouped according to grade and spend the hour warming up, stretching, running various short distances, long jump and shot put (for 7 years old and up).

If you cannot attend practice it is not necessary to notify us, nor are you penalized. Come when you can, as often as you can.