We, the adults who establish this program for our children at play, commit ourselves to the fundamental proposition that we will meet the age appropriate needs of all those children we serve. We strive to redefine what it is to be a winner, away from only

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Great Neck PAL & Ki Body & Spirit are excited to offer a new Kendo program for kids in Grades K -  8. 

WHAT IS KENDO? Kendo is a Japanese martial art practiced with Shinai (bamboo swords) and Bogu (protective armor). 

The purpose of modern Kendo is not to win real-life duels or use martial art techniques in a fight. While Kendo has evolved from Samurai sword arts, one of the many reasons why people practice it today is for the benefits it can bring to the kendoka’s personal life. Kendo may look aggressive, but it is not. It carries principles of samurai swordsmanship. But it is also a “sport” with the purpose of improving one’s character through discipline and the application of the principles of the Katana (sword). Your child will benefit physically and mentally from the practice of Kendo. A full body benefit that will help them through all aspects of their life. 


COST$150 (6 week program)*

LOCATION: Ki Body & Spirit • 477 Great Neck Rd.


TIMES: 1:00 - 2:00 PM

MAY 1, 8, 15, 22

JUNE 5, 12

*All times and dates are subject to change. 

NOTE: As an introductory progam this will be offered as a 6-week program* and the price reflects the shorter schedule. THERE IS A LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS AVAILABLE. GN PAL reserves the right to cancel program if minimum is not met. We hope to add Kendo our regular program lineup and the program will be our regular 8 week schedule. 



We appreciate your patience as we worked through all of the guidelines to offer you Spring 2021 programs that can be done in a safe and covid-free manner. Your children’s safety is our top priority so we ask that they adhere to social distancing guidelines (as best as they can), drop off whenever possible; masks and social distancing when parents pick up, drop off, or stay on the sidelines; stress the importance of hand washing; no sharing of water or other beverages or snacks; keeping your child at home if they are feeling ill; etc. If you or your child has come in contact with a covid positive person or has recently traveled to a high risk state (per NY State designation), please remember that you must quarantine for 14 days. Great Neck PAL will perform a temperature check upon your child arriving at the session and any child who has a fever will not be permitted to participate. A covid negative test will be required to resume play for future sessions if your child is sent home with a high temperature. We will not offer refunds for missed dates due to holidays, illness or rain dates.**Please note: we do not give refunds after the first day of play. If you need to take your child out of the program for any reason, you must contact the PAL office prior to the start of the first session. No exceptions!! Also please note that we do not give credits out after the 2nd week of the program, whether or not your child participates.